10 Benefits of Reflexology


1. Stimulate nerve function
2. Increases energy
3. Boosts circulation
4. Induces a deep state of relaxation
5. Eliminates toxins
6. Stimulates the nervous system
7. Prevents migraines
8. Helps relieve sleep disorders
9. Reduces depression
10. Cleans up urinary tract conditions


We're here to help you, to relax you and to bring you relief from the stress and strain of modern life. Feel free to drop in or call and we'll find you a time and a therapy that fits your needs, your schedule and your budget.

Spa Services


A: 30 Minutes = $38
with Regular Chinese Herbs

B: 45 Minutes = $48
with Regular Chinese Herbs

C: 60 Minutes = $60
with Regular Chinese Herbs

Special Herbs from Virgin Forests in Southern China: $5/bag




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